„So rude, that everybody gets disturbed“

– Die „Carte Blanche“ der Macher von New Kids –

Sie sind lässige Zeitgenossen, ihr Humor ist derbe und kennt keine Grenzen: Tim Haars und Huub Smit sind mit den beiden „New Kids“-Filmen bekannt geworden und mit ihrem neuen Werk „Ron Goossens, Low-budget Stuntman“ in Oldenburg. In entspannter Runde mit viel Kaffee haben sie über ihre „Signatur“, Grenzen im Kopf und ihre Erwartungen an den Film gesprochen. OffBlogger Arjan war auch dabei und hat das Gespräch koordiniert. 

Frage: Do you like it in Oldenburg?

Tim Haars: It’s really good, a lot of fun! We’ve only been here for two days but it feels like a week – in a good way!

Huub Smit: That’s what we told each other today at 4 am when we were eating Döner Kebab.

Apart from Döner Kebab what did you eat to put on enough weight for the role – a lot of „hagelslag“?

Haars: I tried to do it in a healthy way. I got somebody to assist me with eating and exercising in the end and drank a lot of Nutridrinks that are normally made for when you lost a lot of weight. They contain up to 450 calories. But it sucks, because you have to process so much food. I was glad that I did it but I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

What have the reactions been on your movie?

Haars: Very positive! We had great reviews as well for example in the newspapers. Also on the festival, the audience really liked it because it was so different.

It’s like comedy but it’s really out there.

Smit: It has its own signature. Because it’s all over the edge, you get a grip of a new universal.

The humour is rough indeed, so do you have a special kind of audience?

Smit: Not really. Yesterday, there were a lot of people in their mid 50s and they were very pleased to watch the movie.

Haars: With New Kids, we attract a more particular audience, more than now, because this movie is Coming of age – there is some depth in this picture. But New Kids is as rude as possible.

Talking about the jokes: some of them you can only understand if you have some knowledge about the Netherlands …

Smit: There are a lot of Dutch people who play themselves, Dennie Christian for example. He is German but moved to the Netherlands. He was really big in the 80s and sang „Schlagersongs“ in Dutch and German.

That’s why in the movie he says „Arschloch“ instead of „klootzak“ (niederländische Entsprechung für Arschloch; Anm. d. Red.) …

Smit: That’s right! And there are a lot of other famous people that are big in the Netherlands but nobody from outside of the country would know them. And they make fun of themselves.

And there are also jokes about the mentality, like about the „provincie Brabant“. Can people outside of the Netherlands get the joke?

Haars: It’s so rude that everybody gets disturbed.

There are so many different kind of jokes in the movie about different kind of things and situations that everybody can relate to something.

That’s so cool about the New Kids because they created their own world like South Park – it’s full of crazy situations, everything’s possible so nobody is offended.

How high are your expectations on „Ron Goossens“ since in the Netherlands, the two New Kids-movies have been seen by 1.6 million people, in Germany by 500.000?

Haars: I don’t have any expectations about how many people should go and see the movie. What I like about our new film is that it’s really successful at film festivals. It is shown for example in Brazil, in the US and Canada.

At this moment, it means much more to me that it’s seen by people who really appreciate it.

What does this movie make an independent film?

Haars: That it’s a real Steffen and Flip picture, it has their special signature. And that it’s different in a couple of ways. It has no boundaries, it doesn’t follow the rules.

Smit: Steffen and Flip get a „Carte Blanche“ and sometimes they even think themselves: Did the producer read this at all?

Is it sometimes difficult for you to overcome boundaries in your head, do you sometimes think that you are going too far and have to push yourself to do a take?

Haars: No. If I read the script, 80 percent is in the script, it’s just imagination – you don’t have to do anything. I don’t feel ashamed. I mean being naked sucks, but: It’s not me.

Das Gespräch führte: Mareike Lange

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